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Reasons Why We Should End Daylight Savings


Daylight savings is a system that was implemented in 1918 in the United States whereby everyone was supposed to change their time one hour forward during Spring and one hour back at the end of fall in the fourth week of October. The aim of changing the time was to conserve fuel energy so as to stabilize the economy. The system was largely embraced with an evidence of about 1.5billion people participating in time change. With the technological advancement of ways of conserving energy, the daylight savings system has come to bear more problems than solutions, hence most people suggesting that it should be voted out. Here are some of the reasons why the daylight savings system should be done away with.


The End Daylight Saving Time system has many negative impacts on the health of human being. Changing time suddenly disturbs the pattern in which the brain works, hence people will find that their sleep cycle has changed. This will result to last of enough rest. Circulation of blood will be disturbed hence it might result in cardiac arrests, as has been seen in the first week after the time has been spring forward. A lot of car accidents also occur due to people's exhausted bodies and minds.


Secondly, changing time results to a decrease in productivity in almost everyone. Since the body and system of mind of the people do not adjust quickly one the time has been changed in Spring, many people tend to be sleepy and bored while at work. Their minds not motivated due to exhaustion. They hence waste a lot of time on the internet instead of doing their work. This results to losses and hence goes against some purpose of daylight savings. Hence adding to the reasons why daylight savings should be ended. Be sure to read more here!


Lastly, the change of time has been proven to be expensive and is straining the economy of the nation instead of improving it. Since the changing of time is not dine all over the world, there is usually a lot of confusion when it comes to the airline industry and even people holding online conference meetings. This has coated the nation a lot of money that could have been used to improve the economy. Additionally, the few minutes used by people to change their clocks, watches and other gadgets forward and backward could be used in other productive ways. The accidents, illnesses and low productivity caused by the daylight savings system also earn the nation a lot of loses. Since this system evidently carries more problems than solutions, it should be eliminated. Here are more related discussions about daylight saving, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time_by_country.