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What Are Some of the Reasons Supporting the Petition to End Daylight Saving Time


Do not panic when the terms Daylight Saving Time (DST) is mentioned since it was a strategy adopted at the start of the World War 1 aiming at encouraging people to work during the day and save energy. The idea involves shifting the clocks one hour forward at the start of the summer and one hour earlier at the end of summer. However, critics of the idea in the present world feel that the idea is not working in the present universe and hence daylight savings time is something that has to be terminated. Some will argue that the daylight savings time is right since it is okay for the economy but knowing the disadvantages of this strategy will change your thinking. The article will focus on what are some of the reasons supporting the petition to End Daylight Saving Time.


The idea of shifting the clocks one hour forward during the summer means that people have to wake up earlier than usual. It is widespread knowledge that having enough sleep is one of the ingredients that human beings will require so that they can maintain their health. Most people are reported to suffer from heart attack and other challenges at on Monday that is immediately after the start of the DST. It is for this cause that one can argue that DST is not okay for the health of the people and hence it is not necessary for the county. Make sure to see page here!


There is no doubt that people will have to waste more than ten minutes when trying to adjust their clocks because of DST. An economist will agree with me that the ten minutes wasted each year are not okay for the economy since they can be used to do other things that are crucial for the economy. For instance, companies will lose a lot of revenues concerning labor when their workers waste some minutes changing the clocks. Check this site to know more!


The number of road and workplace accidents have risen to concerning levels in the current world. It is thus not correct to come up with strategies that increase the rate of road and workplace accidents further. Most of the drivers will be sleepy on Monday after the start of the DST, and hence they may not have the chance to concentrate when driving on the roads. Besides, workers in a company may cause some accidents that lead to injuries because of low concentration at the start of DST. The content of this item shows that there is every reason to abandon daylight saving time. Should you wish to learn more about daylight saving, visit https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/top-ten-tips-to-help-adju_b_12626182.html.